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Cathay Pacific Airways losses double after rising fuel costs and relentless competition

Cathay Pacific’s losses more than doubled last year because of rising fuel costs and relentless competition from rival carriers, the Hong Kong airline said Wednesday. The airline posted a 1.26 billion Hong Kong dollar ($218 million) loss for 2017, compared with a HK$575m loss the year before. Revenue rose 5 per cent. “Fundamental structural changes within the airline industry continued to create a challenging operating environment for our airline businesses,”… Read Article →


Stanford launches new energy research program in collaboration with industry

Stanford University is launching a new research program to accelerate the transformation of the world’s energy infrastructure to make it more sustainable, affordable and secure – and to extend modern energy services to developing economies. The Stanford Strategic Energy Alliance will match industry alliance members and Stanford professors who share common research objectives across the spectrum of energy topics from science and engineering to policy and business. The alliance will also fund… Read Article →


Meeting showcases women in data science

In 2015, Margot Gerritsen, director of Stanford’s Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering, got tired of technical conferences that included no or few women speakers. “I always joke that this meeting was a revenge effect,” she said. “We wanted to showcase really amazing work that’s being done by women.” Now, in its third year, the Women in Data Science conference included 17 women speakers and roughly 100,000 people listening on live stream or Facebook… Read Article →

Teachers union urges Gov. Scott to veto funds for arming school staff

Florida’s teachers union on Thursday urged Gov. Rick Scott to veto funding for a program that would allow some public school employees to be armed on campus. The Florida Education Association wrote to the governor the day after the Legislature approved a gun-control and school-safety package that aims to improve school security in the wake of last month’s deadly shootings at a high school in Parkland. The union’s letter did not suggest… Read Article →


College students today value education less and money more: study

What drives you most can ultimately determine your success. And, according to a paper  highlighted by The British Psychology Society, millennials pursuing higher education in the U.S. are more motivated than previous generations by making money. Researchers from San Diego State University came to the conclusion after assessing surveys of incoming college freshman conducted between 1971 and 2014. Over eight million students in total, including millennials, Gen Xers and baby boomers, were asked about… Read Article →


After trial in Tampa, Walmart begins nationwide grocery delivery

TAMPA — After using Tampa Bay as one of its test areas for delivery, Walmart has begun offering grocery drop-offs to homes and businesses across the country. The super chain said it plans for its delivery platform to reach more than 100 metro areas — 40 percent of the country — by the end of the year. Stores that already offer grocery pick-up will be the first to unroll delivery…. Read Article →


Victoria to spend $240 million on land for new schools in growth corridors

The Victorian Government will spend nearly $240 million buying land for 14 new schools in Melbourne’s growth areas. The money will go towards purchasing primary and secondary school sites in booming corridors of the north, west and south-east. The ABC’s Four Corners has reported Victoria will need an extra 220 schools by 2026. Premier Daniel Andrews announced the $236.8 million commitment at John Henry Primary School in Pakenham, which opened last… Read Article →


MollerTech opens $46.3 million plant in Bibb County

German auto supplier MöllerTech cut the ribbon today on its $46.3 million plant in Woodstock, with a promise of eventually hiring 222 employees. The opening came about almost 16 months after the company announced it would build in Bibb County. Since then, Mercedes-Benz began its own projects next door at the Scott G. Davis Industrial Park. The auto maker is building a new Global Logistics Center and an after-sales North American hub in… Read Article →

materials science

Simulate today, innovate tomorrow: the future of materials science

If that title conjures images of labs crammed full of impressive arrays of stainless steel—ovens, burners, vacuum chambers, and pipes—you might reconsider. “We don’t even have a lab,” Reed says from his Stanford office. “We’re a purely theoretical modeling group.” As such, Reed is part of a new subsection of an age-old field that dates to when humans first melted and married metals to make new and better materials. Unlike… Read Article →

self-driving vehicle

Why the liquor industry wants to get self-driving cars on the road

Automakers and tech firms have long been the ones hustling to get self-driving cars on the street. But they’ve lately been joined by a surprise ally: America’s alcohol industry. In recent weeks, two industry groups — one representing wine and liquor wholesalers, and another representing large producers — have thrown their weight behind coalitions lobbying to get autonomous vehicles on the road faster. Inherent in their support, analysts say, is… Read Article →