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Stanford launches new energy research program in collaboration with industry

Stanford University is launching a new research program to accelerate the transformation of the world’s energy infrastructure to make it more sustainable, affordable and secure – and to extend modern energy services to developing economies. The Stanford Strategic Energy Alliance will match industry alliance members and Stanford professors who share common research objectives across the spectrum of energy topics from science and engineering to policy and business. The alliance will also fund… Read Article →


Meeting showcases women in data science

In 2015, Margot Gerritsen, director of Stanford’s Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering, got tired of technical conferences that included no or few women speakers. “I always joke that this meeting was a revenge effect,” she said. “We wanted to showcase really amazing work that’s being done by women.” Now, in its third year, the Women in Data Science conference included 17 women speakers and roughly 100,000 people listening on live stream or Facebook… Read Article →

materials science

Simulate today, innovate tomorrow: the future of materials science

If that title conjures images of labs crammed full of impressive arrays of stainless steel—ovens, burners, vacuum chambers, and pipes—you might reconsider. “We don’t even have a lab,” Reed says from his Stanford office. “We’re a purely theoretical modeling group.” As such, Reed is part of a new subsection of an age-old field that dates to when humans first melted and married metals to make new and better materials. Unlike… Read Article →


Stanford researchers develop technique to see objects hidden around corners

A driverless car is making its way through a winding neighborhood street, about to make a sharp turn onto a road where a child’s ball has just rolled. Although no person in the car can see that ball, the car stops to avoid it. This is because the car is outfitted with extremely sensitive laser technology that reflects off nearby objects to see around corners. Stanford researchers have designed a… Read Article →